Many a time have I been accused of being a big ham. I'd like to disprove that theory now with a wide range of photos of myself. You can also check out my Picasa album.

This is me holding a grapefruit, April 2010

This is an action pose of me, since action shots are more exciting, December 2009

My wife Christina Strain and me at the Colosseum, December 2009

In Maui, December 2009

Seeing what all the fuss was about

I'm being thoughtful here in Rome, along with my sister-in-law

I'm being thoughtful here in Yosemite

At Yosemite, April 2009

Me and my dog, Sookie Doghouse, November 2008

High-fives are totally awesome

My brother Ken, me, and my dad in the summer of 2007